Q: Can I ride my ATV to my site?

A: ATV’s can not be ridden through the campground – you must park your ATV in the designated ATV parking area. We do this to prevent unwanted noise, dust, and reckless driving that would occur.

Q: Do you rent out ATV’s?

A: Balsam Woods Campground does not rent out ATV’s, but there are 2 places near us that do: Moosehead Motorsports and Northwoods Outfitters.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Yes, we are very pet friendly! You must keep your pet on a leash when walking them, pick up after them, and keep them from barking. Pets are also allowed in our cabins, but there is a $20 pet fee per stay in our Deluxe Cabins. Pets must be attended at all times, and not left alone to bark. There is a maximum of 2 pets allowed in our cabins.

Q: What is check-in/check-out time?

A: Check-in time is 2pm or later. We generally are in the office/store until 8pm. We do not allow check-ins after 10pm. Check-out time is 11am. If nobody is on your site the day of check-in, or check out, you may come in earlier, or stay later. Please call or check with us first to make sure.

Q: What dates are you open?

A: Our season runs from Memorial Weekend to Columbus Weekend.

Q: Can I have more than 1 vehicle on my site?

A: Depending on the site, you can have up to 2 vehicles on the site. Please call or email us, and we’ll let you know.

Q: Can we have friends put a tent on our site?

A: As long as the site you’re on has room for their tent, they can. Your friends will have to register in the office, and pay $20/night.

Q: What is the maximum number of people per site?

A: Generally the maximum number of people is 6 per site, but in certain instances, we may allow more than 6 per site. Extra person fees will apply..

Q: Can I have visitors?

A: You may have visitors – the charge is $5/person during the day and $10 for overnight guests (3 and under are free). All day visitors must leave by 10pm.

Q: Do you have waterfront access?

A: We do not have any waterfront access, but there is a public boat launch/ beach area for Piper Pond only 1/2 mile down the road. Piper Pond is aprox 2 miles long, and 420 acres. There are also various other lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams with in a short drive.

Q: Can we ride bicycles around the campground?

A: We encourage you to bring bikes with you camping! You can bicycle on all of our roads, trails, and dirt roads outside of the campground. Helmets are advised, and bicycles should only be ridden during the daylight hours.

Q: Can I bring a golf cart?

A: Sorry, we do not allow golf carts through the campground.

Q: I’m a full-time RVer – can I have mail/packages sent to the campground?

A: Yes, definitely! We generally have daily mail delivery for our guests. We will generally try to get the mail delivered to your site, or we’ll have it held up in the office/store if we’re too busy to get it to your site.